Recognition for FIAA

Our organization is 100% volunteer, composed of interdisciplinary professionals who believe that only collaborative efforts can preserve biodiversity for the future. No member of the board, executive officer or representative receives a salary or fee for their work.

Honors and Awards

Award from Fundación Lontra in recognition of FIAA’s constant support and collaboration for the conservation of the Chungungo otter (Lontra felina).

Award for FIAA’s contribution and commitment to wildlife conservation and protection from SEREMI Hernan Ramirez at Concon’s first Conference for Conservation and Biodiversity.

Dr. Flavia Miranda, Director of Instituto Tamandua, presents FIAA with a certificate of thanks for FIAA’s partnership in their conservation projects and for holding the 10th Edition of the International Training Course for Working with Wildlife in the Pantanal Biome.

Dr. Cristina Harumi Adania, Wildlife Coordinator, and Ing. Jorge Bellix De Campos, President of Association Mata Ciliar present a plaque as homage to FIAA’s support and partnership and the creation of Parciera Pela Biodiversidade.

GEAS UniP Swift Study Group of Wild Animals awards FIAA a certificate of appreciation for the scholarships granted to students to participate in the wildlife conference of October 2017 in Jundiai, Brazil for the development of young professionals in wildlife conservation and domestic animal protection.

Mayor Jorge Kaplan honors FIAA for funding first massive sterilization program in Viña del Mar.

Mayors Raul Alcaino (Santiago Central) and Gonzalo Cornejo (Recoleta) of Santiago honors contribution of FIAA to the campaign “Santiago Esta En Celo”.

Mayor Luis Minardi of Limache presents an award to FIAA for its distinguished care for the street dogs of the city.

Mayor Oscar Sumonte of Concon publicly thanks FIAA for its contribution to the health and welfare of the animals of the city.

FIAA Testimonials

“Armadillos, sloths, and anteaters are among the most unusual and fascinating Neotropical creatures. Education programs are a key element of our conservation strategy for these threatened and poorly known animals. We are extremely thankful to FIAA for their support and technical advice, which has been fundamental to improving the educational and awareness programs of our Specialist Group.”

Dra. Mariella Superina, Chair, IUCN SSC Anteater, Sloth and Armadillo Specialist Group

“Working with FIAA has become a great experience in how to collaborate with colleagues in a way in which the common good is the objective, in the example they have given us to go forward in spite of adversity, to not give up, in the unconditional support which we have felt for many years, not only as an institution but also as professionals. All this has marked my daily work. I have profound gratitude to FIAA, who from the beginning came not to say what we have to do, but to work together with us.”

Dr. Pablo Salah Jaar, DVM, Vice President Namku Foundation for Wildlife

“Successful conservation needs to simultaneously educate people, restore wild and urban landscapes and reestablish healthy animal populations. We are finally coming to the understanding that the relationship between people, animals and environmental health is synergistic. As we build our cities and protect our wildlands, FIAA keeps this crucial relationship in focus. We finally have a conservation approach that recognizes the delicate inter-relationships between animals, people and place and understands that we need to actively exercise care. Bravo FIAA for bringing us to a new threshold of conservation that includes us all.

FIAA is helping those of us in the construction industry learn how to share the habitat with animals, both wild and domestic, by putting compassion at the center of design. Seeing their work, we become inspired to make places where humans can engage in strong support of the animals, both domestic and wild. Through FIAA’s holistic approach to both the protection of wild animals, the care of domesticated animals and the education of those who will care for them, we can have hope that our world may regain a healthy outcome.”

Prof. Jody Rosenblatt Naderi, Landscape Architect, MLB Harvard GSD, Distinguished Irving Professor at Ball State University, Indiana, Visiting Scholar CEAR, University British Columbia-O, Canada, Special Faculty College of Architecture, HIT, Harbin, China

“The Tamandua Institute for Research and Conservation of Tamanduas of Brasil is immensely grateful to Foundation for International Aid to Animals (FIAA) for their partnership in our conservation projects and for holding the 10th Edition of the International Training Course for Working with Wildlife in the Pantanal Biome, December, 2022.”

Dr. Flavia Miranda, Director, Instituto Tamandua

“The help of FIAA has allowed us to carry out numerous projects in some of which we need large magnitude flight enclosures, specialized enclosures for highly complex species in terms of rehabilitation, all with high international standards that assure the successful outcome of the processes.

This great collaborative alliance with FIAA has allowed us to advance and be at the vanguard in rescue and rehabilitation of our marvelous fauna. This is a great example in which collaboration is the road to achieving the final objective—the preservation of our native natural heritage.”

Dr. Eduardo Hernandez A., DVM, President, Namku Foundation for Wildlife

“We have been working on big projects together that have really changed the quality of life of the animals we have here in Mata Ciliar, those in the process of rehabilitation and those that cannot return to nature. We are very happy to participate in this partnership and hope to have FIAA working with us for many more years. We want to thank all the directors and collaborators and friends of FIAA for helping us to make a big dream come true, enlarging perspectives in the conservation of biodiversity.”

Ing. Jorge Bellix de Campos, Engineer in Agronomy, President, Association Mata Ciliar

“In the last six years our partnership has been very intense. From rescue to release, FIAA has been part of our work, ...preoccupied with helping us solve the many difficult problems that impact our wildlife. FIAA has collaborated with us in the renovation and construction of new facilities for the rehabilitation of Brazilian wildlife, such as the Jaguarete, our center for applied technology for conservation of biodiversity. I can imagine how much FIAA has been doing for wildlife in all the places they go.”

Dr. Cristina Harumi Adania, DVM, Chief Veterinarian and Wildlife Coordinator, Association Mata Ciliar, Sao Paulo, Brazil

“Thank you so so much. The Community Animal Health Initiative is underway as a result of this fantastic partnership we have with FIAA. We are so grateful for the amazing support. You guys have been our biggest champions.”

Dr. Shivani Bhalla, Ewaso Lions/Kura’s Pride

“FIAA has been a partner of Action for Cheetahs Kenya since 2018 as part of a collaborative network of wildlife conservationists FIAA supports in Northern Kenya, reducing human-wildlife conflict and providing veterinary care, sterilization and vaccination campaigns to communities previously unserved.”

Dr. Mary Wykstra, Founder and Executive Director, Action for Cheetahs Kenya

“Our collaboration with FIAA permits us to dream on a large scale, inspires us to work hard and helps us realize the projects on which we have been working for so many years. This new relation has shown us that collaboration is the key to achieving the dream of protecting nature.”

Kendra Ivelic Astorga, Director of Cascades Wild Animal Rescue (Refugio Animal Cascada) & President, Action Fauna Foundation (Fundación Acción Fauna)

“FIAA has been a great support to Cat Protection Trust in Sri Lanka. We have carried on so many sterilization programs with the support of FIAA. We are so desperate to help the innocent animals. People cannot afford them. So many animals are dumped on the streets. Thank you so much.”

Indira Sahadevan, President, Cat Protection Trust
We work to promote One Health for people, animals and our environment.

“Thank you so so much. The Community Animal Health Initiative is underway as a result of this fantastic partnership we have with FIAA. We are so grateful for the amazing support. You guys have been our biggest champions.”

Dr. Shivani Bhalla, Ewaso Lions/Kura’s Pride