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Domestic Animal Protection

FIAA collaborates with local organizations and communities to help them protect domestic animals from abuse, disease and overpopulation, which not only protects the animals but also the health of the community and the wildlife that inhabits their environment.

Adopta Tu Mascota Rapa Nui

NGO dedicated to the adoption of stray dogs and cats, vaccination and care of street dogs, and responsible pet ownership education in the Island, Adopta Tu Mascota Rapa Nui was created by two veterinarians, Dr. Nicole Fuenzalida B. and Dr. Merahi Tuki C., and their team. They have organized many public events to adopt puppies and kittens.

FIAA has provided this organization with legal advice and collaborated with medical supplies for vaccinations and food for street dogs and cats, and equipment for adoption events.

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Agrupacion Promotora de Tenencia Responsable de Animales de Compañia y de Proteccion Animal de la Comuna de General Lagos

Dedicated to the care and protection of domestic animals and the education of members of the community regarding animal welfare, this association in Visviri, Chile is key to preventing the spread of domestic camelid, canine and feline diseases and their transmission to wildlife in the Altiplano.

AMA, Amigos de Los Animales Protectora (Friends of Animals Shelter)

Created by Almuth Gruning, Gisa and Frieder Haas, AMA shelter in Villarica, Araucania Region, Chile demonstrates an amazing compassion for dogs and cats, providing a home for abandoned dogs and cats, adoptions for all ages, holistic medical treatment and even hospice for ailing aged animals. FIAA supports their work primarily with donations of materials for a new shelter, dog and cat food, and medications.

Asociación Indígena de Ganaderos Social y Cultural de la Comuna de General Lagos

This group of Indigenous ranchers breed and develop native domesticated camelids as a means of maintaining the cosmovision and vitality of their ancient Aymara culture in the Altiplano of Chile. They promote a healthy, innovative and sustainable environment for the breeding of llamas and alpacas and the production of artisanal textiles integral to the Aymara culture in the Altiplano of Chile.

Cat Protection Trust

Cat Protection Trust in Gambaha, Sri Lanka, is a shelter which has been rescuing, rehoming and sterilizing cats and dogs since 2009. Founded and run by Indira Sahadevan, CPT, even during the most difficult social disruptions from war, economic chaos and pandemic, continues the work to educate local people about the importance of humane treatment, maintaining the health of their animals, vaccinating against rabies and distemper and reducing homeless street populations through sterilization.

FIAA supports and advises CPT’s sterilization, vaccination and veterinary health operatives and helps with food and medical supplies.

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Fundacion Animalista Rapa Nui

Based in Rapa Nui Island, Fundacion Animalista Rapa Nui is dedicated to responsible pet ownership, sterilization and media campaigns. Created in 2018, this is the first NGO in Rapa Nui to benefit domestic animals. Led by President, Maria Icka Araki, who is also a Counselor of Rapa Nui Government, the members of this NGO have organized massive sterilization campaigns, community events to build dog houses and to educate the public about responsible pet ownership, vaccination and health care.

From their beginnings, FIAA has supported and given legal advice to this foundation, helping with massive sterilization operatives, educational campaigns and audio-visual materials to promote responsible pet ownership, horse care and wild bird protection. We collaborated on the first Walk For Humane Treatment and Responsible Ownership of Pets.

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Fundación Markas Layku

Founded in Visviri in the Altiplano of Chile, this group is concerned with the welfare of llamas and alpacas, long considered part of the historical traditions of the Aymara culture. The Aymara have always believed in the existential importance of the Earth, the Pacha Mama, as fundamental to the spiritual as well as physical well-being of humans and nature.

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Ginger’s Hope (Action for Cheetahs Kenya)

This campaign for rabies elimination, K9 distemper vaccination and control of animal population through spaying and neutering of dogs and cats is organized by Action for Cheetahs Kenya. It is educating local communities about the importance of immunization in keeping humans and their domestic animals healthy. Furthermore, this campaign is of essential importance to keeping the wildlife in Meibae Community Conservancy and Samburu Region free from diseases spread by domestic animals. FIAA supports this campaign directly with medical supplies and collaboratively through Kura’s Pride.

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Illustre Municipalidad de Rapa Nui

The government of Rapa Nui Island, with the mission to serve its community with actions based in the “Plan AMOR”, provides public services oriented to satisfying the interests and needs of a unique community built from the insularity of its environment and the ancestral values of the Rapa Nui culture. An important part of “Plan AMOR” is the care of domestic animals, and for many years medical veterinary attention on the island has been free for dogs and cats. “Plan AMOR” includes programs of not only animal welfare, but also reforestation, regenerative agriculture and circular economy, clean up of the island’s coast, protection of biodiversity and maintaining the island’s marine and terrestrial environment in good condition in spite of the effects of climate change.

In 2019, FIAA signed an agreement of collaboration with the Illustrious Municipality of Rapa Nui, under the leadership of Mayor Pedro Edmunds Paoa, to support massive sterilization and vaccination campaigns, educational programs promoting responsible dog, cat and horse ownership and protection and conservation of wildlife, especially sea birds.

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Illustrious Municipality of Concón

Government of the city of Concón, Chile with the mission to serve and sustainably develop their local community through social and cultural activities and projects while protecting the environment.

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Kura’s Pride (Ewaso Lions)

Kura’s Pride is a campaign to promote vaccination and sterilization of dogs and cats, creating a healthier balance between people, livestock, wildlife and the environment in Northern Kenya. In 2019, Ewaso Lions launched this new program to address the challenges communities and domestic dogs face in the Samburu landscape. Research indicates that the presence of rabies and distemper in domestic dog populations poses a serious threat to wild carnivores such as the critically endangered wild dogs.

FIAA, with Ewaso Lions and CAHI (Community Animal Health Initiative or Ramat Eldein O Suom Pooki) and with partners Samburu County, Animal Care Centre and Vet In Wild, developed a mobile veterinary unit that provides veterinary medical care, including emergency attention to livestock, and promotes a health network for the Samburu conservancies. Dr. Jessicah Kurere leads this veterinary unit with the support of Solomon Lenasalia, Kura’s Pride officer, tirelessly providing veterinary care for the first time to these previously unserved remote areas.

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Programa Municipal de Bienestar Animal, Rapa Nui

This Programa Municipal de Bienestar Animal is dedicated to animal welfare and health in Rapa Nui Island is a free medical veterinary attention program funded and organized by the municipality of Rapa Nui. They educate the public about responsible pet ownership and how to prevent domestic animal diseases and maintain the health of pets, horses and livestock. They also do sea bird rescue and rehabilitation.

FIAA has collaborated with this program in massive sterilization and vaccination campaigns for dogs and cats, donated a mobile ultrasound unit to the clinic and provided veterinary internships for advanced study. FIAA has also served as the program’s advisor with the national government.

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TAPO, Tanzania Animal Protection Organization

Dedicated to promoting respect and compassion for all animals in Tanzania, TAPO provides education programs in schools and local villages on wildlife conservation and humane treatment of domestic animals, campaigns to prevent and control zoonotic diseases and animal overpopulation, enforces laws against cruelty and poaching and offers veterinary advice in rural communities. FIAA is supporting TAPO’s “Value Our Donkeys” program to save and improve the lives of donkeys, animals essential to the health and welfare of farming communities, prevent their senseless killing for skins, and stop the spread of diseases to zebras and other wildlife.

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The relationship between people, animals and environmental health is synergistic.

“Successful conservation needs to simultaneously educate people, restore wild and urban landscapes and reestablish healthy animal populations. We are finally coming to the understanding that the relationship between people, animals and environmental health is synergistic. As we build our cities and protect our wildlands, FIAA keeps this crucial relationship in focus. We finally have a conservation approach that recognizes the delicate inter-relationships between animals, people and place and understands that we need to actively exercise care. Bravo FIAA for bringing us to a new threshold of conservation that includes us all.

FIAA is helping those of us in the construction industry learn how to share the habitat with animals, both wild and domestic, by putting compassion at the center of design. Seeing their work, we become inspired to make places where humans can engage in strong support of the animals, both domestic and wild. Through FIAA’s holistic approach to both the protection of wild animals, the care of domesticated animals and the education of those who will care for them, we can have hope that our world may regain a healthy outcome.”

Prof. Jody Rosenblatt Naderi, Landscape Architect, MLB Harvard GSD, Distinguished Irving Professor at Ball State University, Indiana, Visiting Scholar CEAR, University British Columbia-O, Canada, Special Faculty College of Architecture, HIT, Harbin, China