Teamwork Achieves Goals.

Consulting Advice

With more than 20 years of experience in domestic animal care, wildlife protection and conservation, FIAA has found that collaboration is the best way to help local organizations find solutions and accomplish their goals.

Working in countries as diverse as Brazil, Chile, Norway, United States, Kenya, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Easter Island, Peru, Colombia and Argentina, FIAA over the years has realized that difficult and apparently different issues often have similarities, offering solutions that bridge continents, succeeding because of the collaboration and teamwork of passionate, dedicated people everywhere.

Advising and Consulting

FIAA advises and consults in diverse areas:

  • Creating an ONG (Non-Governmental Organization)—Why and How
  • Organizing community sterilization campaigns for domestic animals
  • Designing a shelter for abandoned domestic animals
  • Guiding successful adoptions for domestic animals
  • Designing an educational and/or veterinary outreach program for local communities
  • Creating and organizing a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organization
  • Establishing a healthy relationship with local authorities
  • Building and maintaining donor loyalty
  • Creating a marketing campaign for a non-profit organization
  • International networking in species conservation

Cornejo y San Martin Abogados, our legal advisors in Chile, help us with all legal matters for new organizations, NGOs and foundations.

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You can make a difference and improve the lives of domestic animals.

“FIAA has been a great support to Cat Protection Trust in Sri Lanka. We have carried on so many sterilization programs with the support of FIAA. We are so desperate to help the innocent animals. People cannot afford them. So many animals are dumped on the streets. Thank you so much.”

Indira Sahadevan, President, Cat Protection Trust