Understanding nature is the key for future generations.

Educational Initiatives

FIAA promotes responsible domestic animal ownership and environmental education initiatives with partners who believe that living in a healthy planet begins with knowledge and love for all the species, and that increasing human awareness that every species is an important piece of our interconnected ecosystems is crucial for our survival.

El Camino de Joe

This radio program in Puerto Aysen, XI Region, Chilean Patagonia, has educated its community about responsible pet ownership through talk programs promoting the positive effects of massive sterilization and vaccination campaigns on the health of the animals in their communities. FIAA support created a series of international radio talks about the conservation of biodiversity and its relation to domestic animal welfare, noting the destructive impact of feral cats and dogs on wildlife in rural communities.

Far South Expeditions

Based in Punta Arenas, capital of Patagonia, Chile, Far South Expeditions is dedicated to wildlife tourism and the development of wildlife guidebooks and educational material related to conservation of biodiversity. Founded in 1997 by Enrique Couve M. And Claudio F. Vidal, pioneers in organized expeditions for naturalists and bird watchers in Chile, Far South has produced numerous important works on fauna and flora, motivating several generations to observe nature and, through talks to schools and universities, has tirelessly promoted conservation in Chile. For this reason FIAA supports their work, such as “Birds of Chile, Its Oceanic Islands, and the Antarctic Peninsula” illustrated field guide.

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First International Congress of Xenarthra Conservation

Organized by the Tamandua Institute, the First International Congress of Xenarthra Conservation took place online Nov 30-Dec 3, 2020. This was the first time such a congress has been held on Xenarthras (armadillos, anteaters, sloths), an ancient group of mammals which exist only in the Americas. The topics of the talks included conservation projects, biology, systemic ecology, evolution, health, human-animal relation, trafficking and others, and included mini-courses such as Xenarthra medicine, conservation and handling in situ, ecology and biology of Xenarthras. More than 25 national and international researchers participated as speakers. FIAA donated 200 student and young professional grants to this congress.

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Fundacion Trekan

Based in Viña del Mar, Chile, Trekan Foundation does human therapy with the aid of horses, always keeping in mind the humane treatment of animals, to give value to people with differences through the joy of interacting with nature and sharing a love for animals. Trekán builds upon traditional therapies using a more appealing methodology in direct connection with nature, using horses as a therapeutic complement to develop abilities in humans of every age, especially in young people, in social, emotional, physical and cognitive areas.

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Kia Hio Film Production

Directed by Waitiare Kaltenegger Icka, Kia Hio is a film production company based in Rapa Nui Island and dedicated to creating environmental and cultural film projects. FIAA has been working with Kia Hio for several years producing educational videos promoting responsible pet ownership, care and health of horses, and creating awareness about the importance of protecting the birds of Easter Island (Rapa Nui).

Liceo Aldea Educativa Rapa Nui (K-12 School)

Aldea Educativa Rapa Nui (AERP) is a municipal school with the mission to educate students in a humanist-scientific environment with professional technical specialties, encouraging personal, artistic and ethical development as part of the Rapa Nui culture.

FIAA, as a partner of the Municipality, has been developing an initiative to create a medical veterinary clinic on this campus to give an opportunity to the students to get a technical veterinary degree in the future.

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Manu Project Editions

This NGO is dedicated to conserving birds and sea birds of Rapa Nui through educational projects, talks, activities, research and publications. Its director Sebastian Yancovic Pakarati has written the first guidebook to birds of Rapa Nui, Aves de Rapa Nui, with illustrations by Gabriela Esparza Gomez.

FIAA was one of the supporters of the First Edition of this book. It describes 40 species of mainly marine birds, migratory, coastal and errant species, and includes introduced terrestrial species.

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ONG Crease

Committed to wildlife and the community that lives with them, uniting rehabilitation and conservation of wildlife with human lives by transmitting values and understanding that develop a more conscious and respectful community.

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Pontificate Catholic University of Chile Veterinary School of Medicine

FIAA’s partnership with the Veterinary School of Medicine began with “Conservation and Veterinarians of the Future”, a series of webinars in 2021 given by international experts for students and general public highlighting the importance of conservation and the protection of Chilean wildlife species.

FIAA also supports SILVET, a university student organization created by first year veterinary students, dedicated to promoting the conservation of chilean native wildlife through activities, talks and research.

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Rauli School

A technical co-educational public charter school in Puente Alto, Santiago, Chile, Rauli School students, with the support and advice of FIAA, created “The Green Team”, a group of students motivated to protect wildlife through action. In 2022 we created a campaign to recycle disposable masks, separated from the elastic bands, which harmfully get tangled in the feet of birds and other animals where masks are dumped and thrown. Additionally, the Green Team made a field trip to our partner NAMKU center to see the process of rehabilitation of wildlife.

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San Joaquin La Serena School, Chile

A private K-12 co-educational school based in La Serena, Chile, which promotes a healthy natural environment as its mission. FIAA and the school organized a series of talks in 2022 by experts in conservation and biodiversity for the student body and their community: “Conservation of Wildlife: A Global Concern”. 4th grade to Seniors participated and following the talks did presentations about what they learned to K-3rd grade students.

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Turid Rugaas

Turid Rugaas, President and Founder of Pet Dog Trainers of Europe, is a distinguished and renowned international dog trainer based in Norway. In 2018 she received His Majesty King Harald’s medal for her work for dogs. Her natural training techniques, based on studies of the bodies, brains and physiology of dogs and observation of their behaviors and canine communication signals have led to rehabilitation and humane training methods that have transformed the world of dog training. For 8 years she organized the Dog Symposium in Oslo with Agnes Validalo, bringing together canine experts and students from all over the world. Her new dog training facility, Hundeland, is located in Kristiansund, Norway.

FIAA has had a close relationship with Turid for a long time. Her work inspired the beginning of our work with domestic dogs in Chile. We have long encouraged owners to train with the humane and natural techniques she advocates and have enthusiastically supported the Dog Symposium that has disseminated important knowledge about canines.

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Education is key to successful conservation strategies.

“Armadillos, sloths, and anteaters are among the most unusual and fascinating Neotropical creatures. Education programs are a key element of our conservation strategy for these threatened and poorly known animals. We are extremely thankful to FIAA for their support and technical advice, which has been fundamental to improving the educational and awareness programs of our Specialist Group.”

Dra. Mariella Superina, Chair, IUCN SSC Anteater, Sloth and Armadillo Specialist Group