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Thank you for making a donation to FIAA, Foundation for International Aid to Animals.

Your donation will make a difference in improving the lives of domestic animals and preserving wild animals through our projects with local rescue, rehabilitation and release centers, as well as programs of habitat conservation and restoration in different places of the world.

If you choose to donate to a specific group of project, 100% of that donation will go to them. FIAA’s executive and staff is entirely volunteer. Your donation will be used with maximum effectiveness at the local level of projects we support.

Foundation for International Aid to Animals

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Please note for tax purposes that FIAA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable corporation, and as you have received neither goods nor services in exchange for your donation, your gift is entirely tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

For tax purposes, FIAA’s Federal EIN Number is 03-0446196.

You can also contact Mindy Camponeschi at +1 (212) 995-1657 or or Cristian Von Reitze at +1 609-529-8567 directly to discuss making a donation.

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Working together for the common good.

“Working with FIAA has become a great experience in how to collaborate with colleagues in a way in which the common good is the objective, in the example they have given us to go forward in spite of adversity, to not give up, in the unconditional support which we have felt for many years, not only as an institution but also as professionals. All this has marked my daily work. I have profound gratitude to FIAA, who from the beginning came not to say what we have to do, but to work together with us.”

Dr. Pablo Salah Jaar, DVM, Vice President Namku Foundation for Wildlife