More Than 20 Years of Work Helping People Help Animals Thrive and Survive

The Foundation for International Aid to Animals (FIAA) is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that promotes humane and responsible treatment and training of domestic animals and advocates natural conservation of wild animals and global biodiversity.

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The relationship between people, animals and environmental health is synergistic.

“Successful conservation needs to simultaneously educate people, restore wild and urban landscapes and reestablish healthy animal populations. We are finally coming to the understanding that the relationship between people, animals and environmental health is synergistic. As we build our cities and protect our wildlands, FIAA keeps this crucial relationship in focus. We finally have a conservation approach that recognizes the delicate inter-relationships between animals, people and place and understands that we need to actively exercise care. Bravo FIAA for bringing us to a new threshold of conservation that includes us all.

FIAA is helping those of us in the construction industry learn how to share the habitat with animals, both wild and domestic, by putting compassion at the center of design. Seeing their work, we become inspired to make places where humans can engage in strong support of the animals, both domestic and wild. Through FIAA’s holistic approach to both the protection of wild animals, the care of domesticated animals and the education of those who will care for them, we can have hope that our world may regain a healthy outcome.”

Prof. Jody Rosenblatt Naderi, Landscape Architect, MLB Harvard GSD, Distinguished Irving Professor at Ball State University, Indiana, Visiting Scholar CEAR, University British Columbia-O, Canada, Special Faculty College of Architecture, HIT, Harbin, China